Reflections on UOSM2033

This module has not just helped improve my online professional profile greatly, it has also opened my eyes to how being active and involved online can help with networking and ultimately job opportunities. Before this module, I did not have any form of professional online profile. I had a Facebook account, which was for personal […]

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Reflections on Topic 5

When I read the topic 5 question, I immediately knew I could relate my own experiences and opinions. I myself have experienced the annoyance of trying to access an academic journal which requires payment. Although it was an inconvenience, I simply found a new resource and moved on. After watching, the initial revision video by […]

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Topic 5

When discussing online content there are positives and negatives to be considered when producers choose to make their content freely available. The PowToon below highlights some of these. In a world influenced by money, it is not surprising that millions of illegally downloaded materials are obtained each day. In a report carried out by MarkMonitor […]

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Reflections on Topic 4

When I first saw the question title for this topic a number of instances that I recalled from the last 5 years sprung to mind. After engaging with the readings, it was clear to me the ethical issue I wished to discuss was privacy. I put this down partly to my interest in cyber-crime and […]

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Topic 4

In this day and age, you would be forgiven for thinking that people don’t want privacy. Many people, celebrities in particular, plaster their daily lives on social media to complete strangers. Their main motivation for this is business orientated, with each “like”, “tweet” or “view” they get translating into a financial reward. Although being an […]

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Reflections on Topic 3

The topic 3 question has opened my eyes to how far I have progressed since beginning this module. I was not aware how small my digital footprint was and how this could effect my job prospects. I have now added even more aspects to my online identity with the addition of an LinkedIn account as […]

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Topic 3

The modern job market is competitive and it’s no longer enough to just send a CV to an employer. With “1.66 million unemployed people available and seeking work” (ONS: 2016) it’s clear that measures need to be taken to make yourself more noticeable. Although the majority of internet users have a social media presence most […]

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