Reflections on UOSM2033

This module has not just helped improve my online professional profile greatly, it has also opened my eyes to how being active and involved online can help with networking and ultimately job opportunities.

Before this module, I did not have any form of professional online profile. I had a Facebook account, which was for personal use, but without knowing the content I was posting may have actually hindered my job prospects. I have since taken actions to make sure my personal social media is made private to avoid this. I have now created a LinkedIn account that will help promote me to employers as well as linking me with common connections.


My LinkedIn account also has links to all my other social media in order to look more authentic. By becoming more involved with social media I have been able to massively improve my online identity.


One of the best ways for me to demonstrate how my online profile has improved is through where I am found on a google search. It is important to realise that the algorithm google uses is influenced by your online activity. To get a realistic idea of where my profile can be found I searched my name on a computer with a different I.P. address, which was also unconnected to myself.


In addition, another way I can demonstrate my online profiles improvements is by comparing my self-test from the beginning of the module and my self-test at the end of the module.


It is clear by the ratings I gave myself both before this module and after that my online profile and confidence have both improved. I am more active online and have also developed key skills such as researching and creating content. Due to the low word counts my blog posts required, I have learnt how to condense vital information and present it clearly. Additionally, I have learnt how to create content through services like PowToon and Piktochart. This poster below demonstrates how my content has improved from my first topic post to my last.


In my own life, taking part in this module has shown me that the job market is increasingly moving into the online world. This short PowToon below outlines some of the ways I am improving my online profile as well as certain skills I am learning to give myself an advantage and stand out to employers.

To conclude, my online profile has increased dramatically since beginning this module. I have a greater confidence when using certain online tools and this has allowed me to self-promote myself. In addition to this, my own career goals have changed by aiming my sights towards the online world. Without a doubt, this module has allowed me to see an online world I was ignorant to and I have learnt vital skills that will help me gain employment after university. I have enjoyed taking part in this module and look forward to seeing everyone else’s reflections as well as improving my online skills.

Word Count: 500

LinkedIn Account:

Piktochart Infographic:

Piktochart Poster:

Online Presentation Available on:







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