Reflections on Topic 5

When I read the topic 5 question, I immediately knew I could relate my own experiences and opinions. I myself have experienced the annoyance of trying to access an academic journal which requires payment. Although it was an inconvenience, I simply found a new resource and moved on. After watching, the initial revision video by PHD Comics entitled open access explained, I realised there can be serious real world implications involving the lack of open access, which in some cases can effect someone’s personal health. After doing some research, I was able to get an idea of the benefits that content producers and their respective fields can get from distributing free materials.

Once I published my post, I began to research fellow students posts. I chose to focus on blogs which had explored elements that I missed or did not mention. In my first comment on Chris Syder’s blog, I noticed they had focused on the issue of Ad-Block software. As I personally use Ad-Block, I was shocked by the statistics I was presented with. It made me realise how I may be discouraging or hindering the content producers I enjoy.

My second comment was posted on Nicole Gidone’s blog. I liked how they had linked the previous topic involving less developed areas not having access to certain online materials. It is worrying to me how these nations and cultures are at such a disadvantage from not having access to these resources or being able to afford the paid materials.

Overall, this topic was extremely eye opening. As someone who has always, admired and engaged with online creators I realise why they may make certain choices regarding their materials. I am also more aware of how I should proceed in the future when I come to distributing my own content.

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