Reflections on Topic 4

When I first saw the question title for this topic a number of instances that I recalled from the last 5 years sprung to mind. After engaging with the readings, it was clear to me the ethical issue I wished to discuss was privacy. I put this down partly to my interest in cyber-crime and how new laws and norms are being put in place to combat these issues.

The first cases I thought of related to issues of celebrities, such as the 2014 celebrity I-Cloud hack and other stories I had seen and researched. Although this was relevant, I was struggling to link it to the topic relating to education or business. I then realised that online social media profiles and YouTube channels are some of the fastest growing and financially rewarding businesses. I then undertook some research that reinforced my views through statistics and reports.

I wanted to look at and comment on some other people’s posts involving issues other than privacy. MK Powell’s blog post really resonated with me as, when dealing with identity theft, I shared many views and opinions. Some of the research they had found shocked me and really made me think about the criminal connections to this subject. I then commented on ClaireCheungsBlog post, which discussed the “digital divide”. I was interested to know more about this subject as I found it baffling how, in a world so heavily influenced by technology, people and communities can live without it. This post highlighted to me how these communities may be “missing out” which could result in a poorer standard of living.

Overall, this topic was very insightful, I found strong connections with my criminological background and it really made me think about how crime and resources are being transferred into the online world.

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