Reflections on Topic 3

The topic 3 question has opened my eyes to how far I have progressed since beginning this module. I was not aware how small my digital footprint was and how this could effect my job prospects. I have now added even more aspects to my online identity with the addition of an LinkedIn account as well as an page. The initial readings gave me a good understanding of where I ,and many others, go wrong. I was shocked by many of the statistics I was given as I was not aware how many employers use social media as a form or recruitment.

After reading AliceBathBlog’s post I was shown more examples, that they had found,of an un-professional social media presence. It really made me think about the type of content I post and how this may make my online identity come across. Regarding Nicole Gidones blog post, I was impressed by the actions they took to secure and privatize their online identity. Their post proved useful to me in the respect of my realisation that in this competitive job market, being private is no longer enough. I feel this point can be linked to the “real” world where someone with a basic C.V. is not as likely to catch an employers attention as someone who actively shows their work online. This made me decide that after the conclusion of this module I will continue to blog about my field of study. I do this in hopes that it will set me apart from the rest when viewed by employers.

Overall, this topic has proved extremely insightful to me. I  feel the skills I have learnt will give me an edge in the job market and my introduction to resources, such as LinkedIn, will give my online profile the boost it most certainly needed.

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