Reflections on Topic two

This topic was very interesting to me and really made me think about how I identify online. I also learned a great deal from others posts and the discussions that developed from my comments.

My initial arguments were heavily focused on the negatives but by doing some further readings I found having a partial or separate identity can actually help people and discussions. I discovered a few examples of studies which highlighted improvements in learning when remaining anonymous or under a false pseudonym. This then allowed me to see some scenarios where having more than one online identity could be important.

After reading the blog post of Zach Wu I was able to see more clearly someone’s motives for wanting to operate under another identity. In their post they had a first-hand experience of keeping two online worlds separate. I questioned why they chose to do this which lead to a discussion. This informed me that they chose to operate this way to “add a sense of professionalism”. I believe this is important to do as you do not want your personal life to impact your job prospects. This leads me on to the second blog I read by Nikhil Anand. They really shocked me with the statistics they provided on the amount of “managerial jobs that were influenced by social media.” This really made me think about the type of content I post as well as how online spaces are becoming more connected with offline spaces.

To summarise I took a dramatic turn in opinion due to this topic which has made me question both my own identity and the reasoning behind having more than one online identity. I now know that although the media usually only reports on the negative aspects there are positives that can stem from having one or more identity online.

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