Reflections on Topic one

When I first read the topic one question I was unaware of what digital “visitors” or “residents” were. After doing some initial reading, including Prensky’s views, I began to develop some understanding and firmly placed myself into the category of a “native”. I then later began to question my understanding as I was finding myself struggling to navigate my own blog. I had difficulty constructing my blog as well as posting my first topic. This demonstrated to me that although I was a resident in some aspects I was not as skilled in other areas. This later allowed me to realise that it’s not possible to label people into just two categories as there are different factors to account for.

This leads me on to the comments I made about other bloggers posts. Within Tobie Jackson’s post I was given a diagram which clearly presented the idea of where somebody would fall on a scale within the continuum. This made the concept of multi skilled people and not just two groups clearer to me. I also commented on arunchagar’s post who was able to use examples from the online world to illustrate how being raised surrounded by the internet can give people skills that can provide them with not just employment but fame. Without being brought up around the internet people aren’t as easily able to gain access to these careers.

Overall I believe my first blog post was a success. Although it lacked in certain areas I was able to learn from it. I also gained knowledge about residents and visitors that I otherwise wouldn’t have known about or would have agreed entirely with Prensky’s theories. I am now able to critique this theory and add my own life experiences to develop a discussion with my other peers.

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